HVCC ACADEMIES are all designed to present the veterans a complete learning experience which include the necessary connection in their chosen field to make their education successful. Our students learn for the very experts that are in the business and work on each areas of instruction everyday. They are not teachers or professors who teach theory and have never built a company or been in the field they are teaching. They all have been there and done that, just as you as veterans have been there are done that, 

HVCC ACADEMIES utilizes UNLIMITED CONFERENCING for up to 100 LOCATION per license,  

MICROSOFT TEAMS and Polycom X30, X50 and  Polycom Studio 4K USB Video Bar Video Conferencing Sound-bar with MICROSOFT TEAMS licenses and  10,000 webinar license allocated to  HVCC ACADEMIES programs to interface with classrooms across the nation and around the world to bring the best of breed experts in to teach our students. This MICROSOFT TEAMS NETWORK also allows HVCC ACADEMIES to offer our classes to distance Veterans at the Veterans Administration, VA Centers, Fraternal Veterans Organization, Veterans on foreign locations, active and reserve deployed troops, Schools, Colleges and Veterans on Indian Nations.

HVCC ACADEMIES will also cover the tuition of other trade schools, vocational schools or colleges for our Veterans who are accepted to HVCC ACADEMIES to learn courses and careers which HVCC ACADEMIES do not offer but are instrumental in the performance of their chosen career at HVCC Family of Companies or our client.


HVCC ACADEMIES are sometimes centered on a work study format in which our student receives both classroom instruction as well and practical on hands work experience at the same time. No matter which area of  training the Veterans enter at HVCC ACADEMIES they will go to class part of the day and work in one of many HVCC Family of Companies in our career programs part of the day, in their chosen field. This co-operative education approach is the key to HVCC ACADEMIES.  

​HVCC ACADEMIES programs feature careers that are meaningful for today’s veterans and their families and not just a job. Each program has been evaluated as to the growth in that industry, the current salaries being earned and well as the future salaries and where the career fit within the HVCC Family of Companies. 

​​HVCC ACADEMIES is also a provider of careers for our graduates through the HVCC Family of Companies where over 90% of the graduates will be employed or owners of LLC. with HVCC. Each educational program at the institute is designed to equip the student with knowledge to enter and advance in a career in one of the companies in the HVCC Families of Companies. This represents a tremendous number of careers for our graduates from HVCC ACADEMIES.  Add this to our huge number of companies in the HVCC Family of Companies and network of clients who are partners and clients of HVCC Family of Companies, and you quickly understand how we need the large numbers of trained career veterans. 

​​The ​HVCC ACADEMIES  offers our students a unique opportunity to work and interface with many of the world’s leading experts in  areas that they never thought possible. We encourage ideas and projects that can be incorporated into the complex areas in these high paying career environments.  

The HVCC ACADEMIES courses are set in time elements from 2 months to 8 months depending on the chosen field of study.

Another key part of our HVCC ACADEMIES is our HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER. The HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER consist of over 200 companies, associations and government agencies who interact together to develop solutions and programs for companies, governments, medical and projects. A team is brought together at our facilities or virtual on our ZOOM ROOM PLATFORM to solve the issues and provide the solution.

HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER also offer a contract or flat development agreement and shared by all involved companies on that project. We also offer a full marketing option to take the solution or product to the market or can take the solution or product to the equity capital markets or the exchanges. This service is done of a percentage or capital raise. HVCC EQUITY and BOND GROUP partners can also offer the development of capital bonds to finance the solution.

We ask the client if this solution is a proprietary or open market and if open, we develop a process patent on the solution with the client and a marking contract. Our students have the incredible opportunity to work in these projects along with some of the great minds in business, science, and engineering. This gives our student a great resume for the future. HVCC ACADEMIES are big on STEM education.

HVCC ACADEMIES facility also operates as a retail center and demonstration center for all our products and services offered by our various HVCC ACADEMIES.

HVCC ACADEMIES offers a complete broadcasting, editing and production studio with sound stage for the production and broadcasting of commercials and live events over ISBN.LIVE NETWORK. This studio is open and available for outside clients and the development of commercials and worldwide broadcast for the HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER projects. The recording studio and sound stage is available for recording session by musicians to cut albums and broadcast musical content worldwide over the ISBN.LIVE NETWORK. The studio is also part of the ISBN.LIVE ACADEMY training program on Broadcasting.         

                                                                                                    This is our mission at HVCC ACADEMIES