HVCC ASSEMBLY & LOGISTIC GROUP is responsible for all warehousing, inventory, inventory control systems, receiving, shipping and warehouse operations for all HVCC PROJECTS  including WorldGate Community International and Veterans Sunrise Centers & Technology Educational Institutes locations, all divisions of HVCC and LLC. sales.

Every element of each project is assembled in cages as the arrive at the warehouse facility after being labeled, inventoried in our computer systems, and tagged with sensors as well as the cage location and the modular room it is assigned.

HVCC ASSEMBLY & LOGISTIC GROUP is also involved in the assembly of products from clients under contract. HVCC ASSEMBLY & LOGISTIC GROUP developed assembly contract for the Veterans Owned and SDVOSB (Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business) and Indian Nations. HVCC ASSEMBLY & LOGISTIC GROUP also preforms assembly and logistic services for other the federal government, state governments and local governments.  

HVCC ASSEMBLY & LOGISTIC GROUP also provide installation and assembly of parts and technology in various other technologies that will then be combined in the finished product developed by the HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER.