ISBN.LIVE utilizes REMI STYLE (Remote Integration (REMI) production and live streaming. We take the camera feeds, plus any timing/scoring feed if available, add effects and microphones as needed multiplex all feeds and transmit via satellite uplink and downlink at REMI control room in Pittsburg, PA. where we do LIVE CUT add in graphics, commercials, add any slowmo replays, studio Host and Announcers and send finished PGM feed as RTPM signal to our closed network CDN. Our Broadcast partners is PMTV

ISBN.LIVE is a major broadcasting network which produces, delivers and broadcast content around the world.

ISBN.LIVE is the broadcaster for the NATIONAL STEEPLECHASE ASSOCIATION and has signed a major contract to broadcast 27 NSA races for the 2021  Spring and Fall season. Honor Valor Courage Corporation and ISBN.LIVE is also the title sponsor for the MONTPELIER HUNT RACE at Orange, Va. in November 2021.

ISBN.LIVE  is a work study program where the students learn in the classroom from the worlds leading experts and well as on real live and on-demand broadcast.

Many of our students are hired by ISBN.LIVE to work on the ISNB.LIVE broadcast around the world and others are hired by our broadcast partners.

Students at the ISBN.LIVE ACADEMY will learn all areas involved in broadcasting including:


In-Studio Broadcasting of Television Broadcast
On-Location Shoots
Syndicated Show Development 
DEDRONE Broadcast Event Protection 
Script development 
Talent Interviews and hiring 
Live Streaming Video Webcasts
Video Hosting (including hyper-linking of video from our servers to your web site so it appears to your viewers that it resides there)
Single and Multi-camera Professional Digital Video Production (on-site and in our new state-of-the-art Internet TV studio facility)
Internet Studio Set Design and Construction
Video-Based Web Site Design, Construction and Hosting
Digital Video Post-Production
Streaming Video Consulting Services
Proprietary Closed-Captioned Video Streaming (live and archived)
2-D and 3-D Computer Graphics Animation for Digital Video and the Web
Live Event Webcast Marketing and Public Relations
Proprietary Live and Archived Video Streaming On-Line Interactive Training and Education (including interactive chat and testing)
Live and Archived Internet TV Programming Concept and Script Development, Production, Marketing and Distribution
Interstitial and Superstitial Video Banner Ad Development and Channel Underwriting Partnerships. 
Domestic & International coordination of broadcast.
Satellite Truck Deployment
Satellite Space Brokerage
Uplink and Downlink Deployment
Facilities Integration and Installation 
Event planning and promotion
Athlete Appearances bookings
Entertainment and talent Appearance coordination and booking  
Model Booking and Shoots 
​Special Appearances Booking