Our students learn form the best in the business to become valuable members of companies in this incredible business. HVCC is leading the way with many very large project that will utilize microgrids and nanogrids  along with mega storage of solar energy from a 100MW solar field and single as well as new technology solar windows to provide solar power to over 19,000 homes in West Virginia.

Students will learn the details our how microgrids and nanogrids are designed as well as installed.  Microgrids and Nanogrids with storage systems are estimated to be installed at every US military base worldwide within 5 years and at every airport within the next 10 years.  Many colleges and universities are evaluating microgrid and nanogrids for the campuses. 

Our microgrid & Nanogrid provider is Instant On Energy as well as our provider of our rack mounted solar storage system,  hydrogen fuel cells and IO-HUB platform aligns between the smart grid requirements and the consumers' desire for full visibility and control of the energy consumption at their premises. IO Energy will also be our provider of our 100MW solar panels field. 

Island off the grid. IO designs, builds, aggregates, and commissions advanced Demand Response Enabled Microgrid Solutions, paired with on-site energy generation, for qualified Commercial, Industrial, and Municipal customers. Advanced Energy Storage with Distributed Energy Generation can enable your facility to backup essential equipment, unlock utility savings, and potentially lead to grid independence. On-site Generation often is cheaper, more reliable, and comes with a significantly lower carbon footprint than traditional utility supply. 

Microgrids act as local islands of power when the central grid fails, or in this case when power is intentionally shut down as a safety precaution. Communities must prepare to assist those where electricity is critical, and the integration of microgrids provides the solution. Only energy systems with special switchgear, inverters and controls, will still operate in outages.


IO will design and develop  Integrator Optimized (IO) Microgrid Solutions. Solar only installations no longer are sustainable or sufficient. 

IO will install Intelligent Overlay (IO) Controls and Smart Panels which utilize artificial intelligence, smart billing, and home automation technology.

IO will continue to spearhead the development of next generation, distributed energy fuel cell technologies throughout the US markets.

IO will distribute your low voltage, high voltage, and mobile Islandable Optimized Energy Storage Solutions (ESS). Batteries create resiliency. 

​Customers impacted by outages may not have time to wait months for typical storage system installations. Mobile, ready to install and plug-in, Instant On 5 kWh energy storage systems give you power now. Plug into an outlet and become resilient. 

Instant ON provides the only smart panel energy management system on the market through the IO-Hub.